Ankas Logistic: A High-Flying Logistics Brand

Ankas Logistic is a logistics brand that takes its name from the legendary Phoenix bird and flies high with its strong wings. Our company prioritizes air logistics and offers a wide range of services such as road, maritime, fair transportation, intermodal transportation, warehousing services. With the various logistics solutions we offer, we provide our customers with reliable and efficient transportation services worldwide.

Anka Symbol of Power, Change and Renewal

The phoenix is a symbol of power, change and renewal in mythology. As Ankas Logistic, we carry this powerful symbol at the heart of our business. We are constantly open to renewal and development in order to be a pioneer in the ever-changing and developing logistics sector. We strive to provide the best service to our customers and do our best to meet their needs.

Air Logistics: Our Priority Service Area

At Ankas Logistics, we attach special importance to air logistics. Air transportation is known for being fast and reliable. By offering the fastest and most reliable air freight services to our customers, we help them to realize their business on time and smoothly. Thanks to our extensive network of agents and expert staff, we manage air cargo operations around the world seamlessly.

Other Service Areas: Road, Sea, Fair Transportation, Intermodal Transportation, Warehouse Services

In addition to air logistics, Ankas Logistic also operates in many other areas such as road, sea, fair transportation, intermodal transportation and warehouse services. With road transportation, we offer our customers fast and reliable solutions for inland transportation. With maritime transportation, we have a wide network in international transportation and offer our customers reliable services in maritime transportation. We also offer comprehensive solutions to our customers in areas such as fair transportation, intermodal transportation and warehouse services, meeting their logistics needs in the most effective way.

Customer Satisfaction and Reliability

As Ankas Logistic, we always prioritize customer satisfaction. We strive to understand our customers' needs and provide them with the best service. Reliability, honesty and transparency are the core values of our business. We constantly work to ensure that the trust our customers place in us is not misplaced.